Fleur de Sel advantages

Recognizing the Fleur de Sel

Due its origin, fleur de sel have unique qualities and characteristics that make it very easy to distinguish from common salt. The grains of fleur de sel are crisp and irregular sizes, but generally range from two to four millimeters. Because is naturally dryed and don't have chemical adittives to avoid the compactation, this kind of salt does not get wet. Therefore, the grain of fleur de sel is easily sprayed on the fingers, and mix well in liquids. Its flavor is more delicate, and does not have the bitter aftertaste that leaves the salt. Therefore,  wet salt with much coarser grains are not fleur de sel, though so some manufacturers try to sell it. Sometimes, the common salt is passed through a sifter, but the grains of this kake fleur de sel are much harder and becomes moistened easily.

Chemical composition

Sodium is important and essential to the body in small amounts, as it regulates the osmotic pressure and acid-base balance. However, in excessive amounts increase blood pressure, which in turn increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, heart failure and renal disease. Likewise, it may cause abnormal hormone secretion and cause dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system.
Flur de sel is not only low in sodium, but also contains virtually all bioelements, including, of course, essential elements for life, highlighting the content of manganese and potassium.

Benefits for health

Throughout the years, our experience in the use of fleur de sel has shown us that it is safe for consumption of patients who have banned salt salt, such as diabetics and hypertensives .
In May 2011, SolySal participated in the program DIABETIMSS Colima, to make known the fleur de sel as a healthy alternative for diabetics, and many of the participants still use it without any problem with fluid retention or hypertension. Subsequently, also participated in a research protocol by an aspiring degree of the University of Nayarit. The conclusions were that the use of fleur de sel replacing completely the common salt, helps to improve the quality of life in hypertensive patients.
It was also found that sea salt is hypotonic, so it is also suitable for people with fluid retention problems .
Currently, our product is in a certification process to ensure its medical value as a substitute for salt in the diet. However, we recommend that patients who use the flower of salt stay under medical supervision.