Fleur de Sel is a sea salt with a special chemical composition, derived from a process different from the common sea salt production.

The sea salt is produced exclusively in France, Spain, Portugal and Mexico, as is necessary for processing a number of natural factors such as solar energy, air, climate, topography and land quality are conjugated seawater available.

Fleur de sel is the thin layer that forms on the crystallization pools surface, because it has a lower density than water. It is carefully collected using a manual process, and has all the features that make it so special and valuable.

Furthermore, due to its physicochemical properties, is widely recommended for patients who have problems with diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease. However, healthy people also benefit greatly by consuming because it can prevent diseases associated with excessive salt intake.

La Flor de Sal is the cream of the salt; an exclusive product with a limited production time, which makes it scarce and valuable. In addition to its organic benefits, Fleur de Sel offers a unique and exquisite touch to every dish, making it the perfect additive for gourmet cooking.

For these reasons and many more, consume Fleur de Sel!